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Top 3 Super Simple Rules For Selling

Every business owner wants to make more sales. When creating your business strategy, it can be easy to overlook some basics that make all of the difference when it comes to this. Today I am sharing my top 3 super simple rules for selling to help you achieve your goals.

Business owner using the top 3 super simple rules of selling

Know Your Numbers

Before you do anything, you need to know your numbers. Understanding your cost of business will help you determine whether you will be making a profit or not. You need to make sure you are making money before committing to the work. Thankfully, this isn’t difficult to do since there are so many free tools available for you to utilize.

Business woman on lap top smiling calculating cost of business using free tool

Here is my favorite cost of doing business calculator that I recommend starting with. This tool includes a variety of expenses and income factors. All you have to do is enter in your unique numbers, then the calculator will do the rest. This will help you understand everything you should be including when choosing your pricing. Many new business owners undercharge leading to frustration because they aren’t making a profit. By following this first rule of selling you will be able to set the best pricing for your projects from the beginning.

Be Yourself

The oldest rule of sales in the world is really that people buy from other people at the end of the day. If potential clients trust and feel connected to you in some way or another, they are more likely to take the step into making a purchase. You need to offer a level of relatability while showing off your valuable expertise. 

To achieve that personal connection, make sure you are putting out consistent and authentic content. The easiest places to do this are on social media and your website. When you are writing a post or creating a blog, don’t be afraid to use your own speech, display your values, and speak about what you are interested in. Remember, the only person you are trying to be like is YOU. 

Wedding photographer smiling sitting at desk with houseplants

If you want people to be more drawn to you, it is essential that every aspect of your business has that strong personal influence. Especially for my fellow wedding pros, your clients want to work with someone who they truly enjoy and get along with for one of the most important days of their lives. 

Make the Ask

Selling really is super simple if you make it that way. No one is going to know that they can buy from you unless you ask them to. Create an easy process for followers to cross the threshold into clients and promote it. Those potential clients need to know the complete ‘when, what, and how’ of working with you. Outline your services or products very clearly on your website. You can add them to your socials as well to take this a level further. 

Since this is such an important step, I’m here to guide you through this process. As a bonus with this blog, grab my free pricing guide to start creating strong packages and messaging that actually converts into sales! I’m sharing exactly how to structure this final selling rule in an effective way.

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