Meet Kerry

Hey, I’m Kerry and I’ve closed over $1.4 Million in sales.

After learning the ropes of sales in the corporate world, I gathered all the knowledge I needed to start my wedding photography business, left the high-pressure sales tactics behind, and brought 6-figures into my business in 6 months.

Then, after having conversation after conversation with friends I made in the entrepreneurial world, I realized sales, especially value-driven sales, isn’t a background everyone holds. How could this be when sales key in running a profitable business??

 So, I began sharing everything I know in a concise, easy to digest way, and my friends saw MAJOR results. I started offering this info in a group setting and magic happened. Businesses grew. Financial goals were achieved. And deep friendships were cultivated.

This business, this coaching, is my heart work. Handing you tools and watching you win is my legacy work. Send me a DM on insta if you read this. I can't wait to meet you (truly, I cannot!).

Sales strategist helping you close more sales while caring for your clients.

In High Demand

The small group, 8-week Business Bootcamp designed to create more space in your daily life while also closing higher-ticket clients. We go deep into Money practices, setting up your Client Relationship Management Software (CRM) with done-for-you templates, Sales psychology to close more sales at a higher pricepoint with integrity, and how and when to build your support team.

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1:1 business Coaching 

A one-time 90 min video call for us to dig into your current business roadblock and strategize solutions that feel good for you and your unique business.  You'll leave with calm, clarity, confidence and a solid action plan with next steps!

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1:1 Quarterly
Business Boost

A whole year of support through focused, 2-hour 1:1 calls each quarter, an action plan, 2 weeks of follow up support, and an optional bonus reiki session. This is perfect for the entrepreneur who is craving guidance every now and then, while also implementing strategies independently between calls. Consider these your business check-up's to keep your biz in optimal health.

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Get The Weekly Reverie

The  2-5 min mid-week read that gives you a quiet space to breathe and recenter. Here, we’ll share stories and tools to integrate your body and business, steady your on-the-go entrepreneurial mind, and tangible ways to make your beautiful, busy life a little easier. 

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The Sales Psychology-backed Pre- and Post- Call Rituals, along with the exact questions to ask to build genuine connection with potential clients and close more Sales, all in one, succinct, high-impact course!

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The Aligned Sales System

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boundaries on-demand Masterclass

A 60-min. class sharing tangible tools to help calm your anxious nervous system as you allow your boundaries to keep both productive and rested.

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The Aligned Sales System course and on-demand masterclasses are for you!

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