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Why You Need to Put Your Pricing on Your Business Website

This is a question that many entrepreneurs ask me about as a business coach! “Should I put my pricing on my website?” The short answer is YES. For my coaching and photography businesses, I include all of my pricing along with the ways others can work with me. You should too! Let’s go over exactly why you need to put your pricing on your business website in this post.

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Makes Selling Easy

We have all experienced what I like to call “sticker shock” at some point. You are interested in making a purchase and find out the price is not what you expected or is over budget. No one enjoys experiencing this and I know you don’t want to put anyone in that position as a business owner. It is so important to build trust with potential clients with your transparency from the beginning. 

If you want to truly make selling easy for yourself, don’t push business away by withholding your pricing. Once you add the prices for your products or services, you will often find yourself booking for inquiries and making more sales! Everyone will be on the same page about the expected investment. 

Need more support closing those sales? Check out my top 3 super simple rules to selling after reading this blog.

Empowers Buying Decisions

You want your clients to feel empowered in their buying decisions! Displaying your prices can help them view your consistency. They won’t feel like they are being overcharged or that your pricing changes for each client even with the same service. This is another easy way to continue to build that strong trust factor. Your clients will be even more willing to provide a positive testimonial or referral in the future!

Where to Add Your Prices

Add your prices on your website in a place that is easy to find. I recommend listing them directly along with each product’s title. Make the pricing impossible to miss. You can also break down your prices on your social media. Create highlights for your different packages, products, or services. Add a graphic breaking down what they include along with the pricing. 

If you don’t want to include your pricing…

In the case that you do not want to include your exact pricing, you need to put the starting price point on your website. For wedding pros, sometimes your different packages could vary based on location or unique client needs. Adding that starting point will still create a level of transparency. You can include in your package descriptions that the specific price will be affected by the factors you determine. 

Woman business owner sitting at desk with laptop speaking with client on phone about business pricing

Here’s my free pricing guide to help you determine the best pricing for your business so you feel confident when listing it on your website! I’ll help you make sure you are pricing competitively and fairly so you aren’t leaving money on the table.

If this post was helpful for you, read all about how to gain financial peace in your business next.

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