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How to Hire a Team as a Business Owner

Today I am sharing how to hire a team as a business owner!

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When to Hire a Team

It’s time to hire a team before you’re really ready to hire a team. If your ultimate goal is to grow your business and make more sales, you will need help. A strong team can allow you to focus on the high-level, CEO tasks that you might not be able to prioritize. Don’t wait until you feel overwhelmed and overworked. Most likely, if you are questioning whether you should expand your team, it is time! However, make sure that you review your business finances before making any decisions. You need to be able to pay your team AND yourself while still making a profit for your business. 

Where to Start

So, where to start? If you have never added to your team, a virtual assistant is a great first addition. For all creatives, this team member is extremely helpful for those everyday tasks. Your virtual assistant might manage your email, calendar, and virtual office organization. Many virtual assistants offer individual skills such as social media management or blogging. For my fellow photographers, a virtual assistant and/or editor will be the biggest time saver. 

For the entrepreneurs that have the business side covered but find that their personal tasks could use some support, a home team can be a great option as well. Owning your own business isn’t exactly a 9-5 so, having someone to help with light cleaning, meal prep, childcare, pet sitting, and other miscellaneous tasks can be a game-changer. Whether you hire a personal assistant or book a recurring service, a home team is something you should consider.

Think About Your Business

When you are ready to add multiple members to your team, think about your specific business. I like to refer to Chanel and Lee’s Dream Team Directory for a variety of available experts that specialize in different fields. For example, do you need someone to take charge of your Instagram? Or are you ready for a rebrand? If you own a wedding business, you could be ready to add permanent event team members. Think about what would help you the most at the moment and what skills these members would need.

Promote Available Positions

If you decide to promote available positions and complete an interview process for candidates, there are a few steps to take. Make sure that you would also want to work for your business. Take a look at your website and socials. You need to clearly display your company values and add a personal element to these platforms. Show off your expertise while ensuring that you are relatable. 

Create a clear job title, description, and pay range to post on your chosen platforms. Here are a few places to promote your available roles:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

You will most likely need to invest in advertising the positions for a few weeks. Brush up on your interview skills and take your time selecting the right candidates for your business needs. I love the book Make ‘Em Beg To Work For You  by Dr. Angela E. Lauria for an in-depth guide on how to know who to hire, how to manage, and how to release all-star players

Now you know how to hire a team for your business! If you are looking for even more ways to increase productivity for your business, check out my top 5 business tools that I use every day.

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