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The Advice Every New Wedding Pro Needs to Hear

As you begin your journey of starting your own wedding business, you will receive a lot of advice and opinions along the way. What do you really need to know? With over 6 years of professional experience as a wedding photographer, I’ve gathered the advice that helped me the most. This is the insight I wish I knew from the beginning. We’re going over the advice every new wedding pro needs to hear! 

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Some People Won’t Understand

Some people just won’t “get it”. And that is okay. Have confidence in the vision you see for your business. When people don’t understand, it doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. Trust me, being a successful wedding pro is completely attainable. This is a rapidly growing industry that needs your unique approach and skillset. Don’t let others’ opinions discourage you. 

You Need a Strong Network

Now you know which people aren’t for you on the business side, make growing a strong network a priority. Your connections are everything. The only way to start meeting your business friends is to put yourself out there. Go to workshops, join Facebook groups in your niche, chat on Instagram, and attend networking events. 

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Give Yourself Breaks

Being a business owner means you are not working the typical 9-5. Especially when you are starting out, you are taking on most (if not all) of the responsibilities. You have to take breaks. Overworking yourself will actually hurt your business in the long run. Something that allows me to take more breaks, is adding efficiency to my process wherever I can. I wrote all about my top 5 business tools that I use daily for this. After you read this blog, go check them out! 

Stay refreshed and balanced to make the most of your capabilities. When working weddings, of course, there will always be busy days and late nights. Schedule your days off in advance and take short breaks during the workdays! Prioritize your personal life just as much as your professional life. Even though you love your job, this does not mean that you never take time for yourself outside of it. 

Accept the Work You Are Excited About

I always say business life is a lot like dating. If it’s not an overwhelming “YES!” it’s a no. So, if a potential project comes up that doesn’t feel completely right it is more than okay to turn it down. Many new wedding pros feel that they can’t say no because they need the experience or income for their business. There will be other, better opportunities in the future. Remember your business vision and only accept the work you are excited about. 

Hire a Business Coach

Working with a business coach is a helpful way to get those exciting bookings and price your business correctly. They will help you set specific goals, creating a roadmap to get to where you want to be faster.

I coach wedding pros using the successful sales strategies that helped me grow my photography business to well over 6-figures in just the second year. If you are ready to constantly book your dream clients who VALUE your work, reach out to me here. I would love to hear from you!

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