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4 Journal Prompts to Manifest More Sales for Your Wedding Business

As a wedding photographer and sales coach, I know how important it is to truly believe in your business. When owning a wedding business, you wear so many different hats. Before you know it, you might not remember the last time you took a moment to slow down and reflect. Taking the time to write down your thoughts and goals for your business is a great way to stay present. The good thing is, you can choose how often you want to do this! Whether it is daily or weekly, taking just 5 to 30 minutes to journal will uplevel your sales mindset.

Kerry Walsh sales coach for wedding pros journaling on laptop for manifesting sales

But, what should you write about? Along with active strategies, I am a strong believer in manifestation. In this post, I am sharing 4 journal prompts to help you manifest more sales for your wedding business. Use as many of these prompts as you would like to keep your goals an intentional priority!

1. I am valuable to my ideal client because:

For this first prompt, think about what stands out about you and your business. Why does your ideal client need and choose you? Yes, the wedding market is saturated with an abundance of professionals but, there is room for everyone. I love this prompt because it offers the opportunity for you to keep your personality, style, and niche in mind. In order to manifest more sales to your dream clients, you need to know how your business is unique. When answering this prompt, think about how you can proceed to communicate this to those possible clients. 

After reading this blog, check out exactly how to attract your ideal client next. 

2. What is holding you back from booking more clients?

Is there something that you feel is holding you back from booking more clients? Perhaps you need more time to focus on your zone of genius as a business owner. If this is the case, it might be time to hire a team so that you can prioritize the higher-level tasks as the CEO of your business. 

For this prompt, think about what could be overwhelming you at the moment or what you could put more effort into. This could be something as simple as your social media presence or your level of productivity

3. My dream weddings look like:

What do your absolute dream weddings look like? These are the sales you want to make! Writing about the weddings you love to work can reignite your passion. Take the time to reminisce on your favorite past weddings. Potential clients want to book a passionate wedding business owner. This prompt is an easy way to spark your creativity. 

4. What steps are you taking daily to work towards more sales?

You have to make the effort in order to make more sales. Are you taking steps daily towards this? Be specific with this prompt. If you are struggling to name clear ways you are making sales a priority, this is important to be aware of. I know you want to make more sales for your business. If you don’t know where to start or need some clear guidance, I am here to help. 

Wedding professional journaling on laptop for sales goals

After growing my photography business to over 6-figures in only the second year, my goal is to assist other wedding professionals like you to hit those wow-worthy sales numbers. Contact me today to determine your value-driven pricing strategy. I can’t wait to help you book your dream clients!

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