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How to Stop Getting Ghosted (book your dream weddings!)

You might find yourself with an abundance of inquiries but a small amount of booked weddings. If you are tired of hearing crickets after you excitedly respond to these inquiries, fear not! You have the power to change this. Many wedding professionals look at ghosting as something they can’t control. What if I told you it is possible to increase your rate of responses and book more of your dream clients? I am sharing how to stop getting ghosted in this post!

Set Expectations For Communication

From the moment a possible client inquires, you need to make your expectations for communication clear. If you have automated this step, is it easy for them to schedule a call with you? Do they know what to expect during the inquiry call and how long it will take? Be clear about how you will be contacting them. If you need their number or will be sending them a video call invitation, make sure this is all clearly communicated. A Client Relationship Management (CRM) software like Dubsado or Honeybook make this step really easy to execute.

Wedding photographer setting expectations for communication on inquiry call

During your initial consultation call, you need to discuss the communication side of working with you. Walk your prospective clients through how often you will reach out to them, what platform this will be through (Email? Text? Carrier pigeon?), and when they can expect responses from you. Discuss your typical office hours and the method of communication you prefer. I highly suggest sticking to email and including your office hours in your email signature as a consistent reminder for your clients. Also, if you are only available by email and do not accept social media DM’s, make sure your clients know this. This way, they can consider their unique needs when weighing their vendor options later. Layout the timeframe you expect their response to your communication also and ask them what’s realistic- is 24 hours too little time? Is a week too long? Make sure to have this communication cadence known and agreed upon. When wrapping up your initial consultation call, tell your potential clients how to expect a follow-up from you. 

Utilize Responses (or lack of)

Don’t take it personally when you don’t receive responses! When you do happen to get ghosted, utilize this information to collect data. How many unanswered inquiries do you get per month, year, and quarter? Use the same method when you do receive responses. All of these metrics will help you tweak your communication for the best results. You will probably find that certain messages never receive a response while others are more effective. Items as seemingly small as the subject line and the questions in your email can make or break how often you get ghosted. Being purposeful about collecting this data is important to your sales process. Instead of simply being discouraged by your ratio of responses to unanswered inquiries, think of it as a puzzle or clue that informs your next email adjustment. 

Master The Follow-Up

Lastly, you need to become a master at the follow-up. So much of getting ghosted has to do with how impactful your follow-up is. Are you typically a “just checking in” kind of communicator? Swap this out for actionable items. Possible clients need to feel compelled to respond to you. Remember, you are most likely not the only vendor they are inquiring with. Make yourself stand out with your professionalism. 

Since the follow-up is truly an art, I am saving you the time of trial and error! I have created free templates that you can use to know exactly what to say in your follow-up. 

Click here to grab your free templates today to finally stop getting ghosted!

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