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How to Attract Your Ideal Client as a New Wedding Pro

If you have started your own wedding business, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to reach the couples you want to work with. On this post, we are going over the basics of how to attract your ideal client as a new wedding pro. 

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Define Your Ideal Client

In order to attract your ideal client, you need to have a clear understanding of who they are. Be super specific. What is their style? How about their support needs and budget? What is their age range? Where are they located? Take the time to clearly define who this client is and how they need the service you offer. Your ideal client should fit your business vision as a whole. As a wedding pro, you may also think about your “ideal client” as your “ideal couple”.

Create a Strong Website

A strong website is essential for all business owners. As wedding pros, potential clients are browsing our websites for everything. They want to experience a professional, user-friendly site that is a resource hub for learning about your business. Here are a few things to add to your website to begin with:

  • Your contact information: This is controversial but, it is my belief that you need to add your email to your website. A contact form is not enough. In the case a fellow vendor needs to contact you directly, they won’t have to go through your contact form. Potential clients are not the only individuals on your website! Don’t miss out on business by skipping this step. An email is the minimum. Add the links to your socials and you can list your business phone number as well.
  • Pricing: Another controversial topic. Add your pricing for your services on your website. I know you might have some reservations about this. Because I believe in this topic so much, I wrote an entire blog about it! After reading this post, check out exactly why you need to put your pricing on your site next
  • About: Let the viewer in. You want potential clients to see the face behind the business. On this page, share a bit about yourself, what you do, and why you love it. Don’t forget to add a photo of yourself. Here’s an example from my photography business about page below.
Website about page example for new wedding pros
  • Blog: You have valuable expertise to share. A blog is where you get to show it off. Share some niche advice or break down your previous weddings in more detail on your blog. 
  • Galleries displaying your work: Lastly, you want a place where clients and other vendors can easily view your work. Add some galleries including images of your work. Try to add display your versatility. As a photographer, I display different scales of weddings and the various locations I work at. But, what if you don’t have work to display yet? Keep reading.

Plan a Styled Shoot

If you are a new wedding pro, you might not have galleries on hand to use for your site and social media. If you do, they could feel off-brand after you have determined your ideal client and niche. To gain content, make new connections, and build on your experience, I encourage you to plan a styled shoot. This is a great way to meet other wedding vendors in your area and start to gain credibility. 

A styled shoot is simply a planned photoshoot typically designed for a wedding vision you create. With a styled shoot, you can craft it to fit your style and display your ideal client. This is a controlled setting, so get creative. If you are planning the shoot, be prepared to invest some of your marketing budget into this experience. Don’t expect the vendors you work with to do this without a fee. They still need to provide their time and resources. Need some budgeting advice? Read about my tips to gain financial peace as a wedding pro

If you are not a photographer, take time choosing one for your styled shoot. Make sure you determine an agreement where you can use the photos from the day on your website and socials. Credit every vendor from the project when you post the photos!

Prioritize Your Social Media

Along with your website, prioritize your social media. This is a great way to reach potential clients. Make an effort to speak directly to them in your posts, whether it is displaying your work that relates to them or providing helpful wedding advice. Post consistently and interact on your social media as much as possible. Along with your professional content, try adding in some fun stories or going live to build a level of relatability with your viewers.

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