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In High Demand Client Success Stories

In High Demand Client Success Stories

Wondering if In High Demand is right for you? Check out three client success stories from previous cohorts of In High Demand to learn how the program transformed their business. Discover how others implemented strategies from the course to change their business for the better! Because, what’s better proof of a program’s value than real results?


In High Demand Client Success Stories

Jemima Richards Photography

“The biggest thing for me was realizing how flawed my sales calls used to be. Since graduating from In High Demand and using my version of the script, every couple who I’ve met with has booked! Prior to starting the program, my income from weddings was sitting at $28,846 (January to June 2021). After In High Demand, I raised my prices and implemented the sales call script. From June to September 2021 I earned $52,095.86 in wedding income, growing my earnings 80% in a shorter time!”

Along with increasing her booking rate and growing her sales, Jem also appreciate the new perspective she gained from In High Demand. “I truly loved the program. It really got me out of the constant hustle mindset. I feel far more relaxed about knowing that bookings will come as needed. I also loved the pace of the program; it really allowed me to step into a new mindset and gave me time to breathe into this new space.”


Allie Atkisson Imaging

“Before In High Demand I really felt like my business was starting to run me. I was constantly connected to my email, my phone, and my desk because I was afraid of “missing” something. I could not find where my business and life started and ended. Basically, all the tasks were overwhelming me. Now, I enjoy my weekly money dates and feel immense relief that my clients are taken care of with minimum impact on my personal life and relationships. I can clock out and spend time with my husband guilt-free knowing that I have organized systems in place.”

In addition to achieving better balance by automating her processes, Allie also improved her confidence through In High Demand. “I’m finally attracting the buyer types that I want to work with. I take calls with confidence and book with a lot less back and forth. The freedom is indescribable. Instead of getting nervous and blowing sales calls, I get excited to talk with potential clients. The confidence I have in what I offer and the experience I deliver has skyrocketed. I have booked 4 weddings at my new prices ($600 increase in all my packages). I feel at peace with my career, and I can appreciate what I have accomplished in the first year of going full time.”

Like Allie, all graduates of In High Demand are able to take control of their finances because we take the taboo out of money talk. By aligning her prices with the value of her work, Allie taps into her financial literacy and grants herself more freedom. “All in all, I feel less panic about how I manage my money. While money can be a huge stressor for most people, this course has given me the tools to change that.”

In the same way that Jem appreciated the pace of the course, Allie also comments on the value of having two weeks per module. “During the beginning, I felt like I wasn’t moving fast enough through the course. But then I realized that I didn’t need to move 100 mph through this information. It was meant to nourish, not bombard and degrade (which is something we all have grown accustomed to in the photography industry). The easy pace and constant loving reminders to care for the inner you is really where the Kerry Magic starts to sparkle.”

“Overall, I loved how much Kerry cared about each of us. In every call, Kerry’s enthusiasm made evident how much she truly wanted all of us to succeed.”


Alaina Elizabeth Photography

Alaina’s story proves that In High Demand is for those in any stage of business, especially blossoming entrepreneurs!

“I was very nervous before the program began because I didn’t want to feel like I was holding everyone back since I was the newbie. But that quickly changed once we started. I think it’s great to sign up for In High Demand in the earlier stages of owning a business because it is so important to know how to manage finances and get bookings. At the same time, I liked that all the participants were at different stages of this journey. Plus, we were all super supportive of each other. Because the course wasn’t high pressure, we began to treat each week as a sort of break time together.”

Similarly to her peers, Alaina found herself prioritizing productivity and speed. This hustle mentality has become so pervasive in our culture, which is why In High Demand is intentionally created to work against those tendencies. In doing so, it helps create a more sustainable business model. This was especially true for Alaina. “There were some times during the group that I felt like I wanted things to move along, but that became a learning experience. I asked myself “why do I feel the need to rush?” It’s so easy for us to constantly push ourselves to be working nonstop. But that wasn’t the point of our group. Once that idea solidified for me, I was really able to soak in everything. And now, I still remind myself that I am allowed to take breaks.”

In High Demand has helped all three of these clients gain confidence, time, and money. “Now, I feel super organized in my consultation calls. Since completing the program, I’ve booked approximately 90% of the inquiries on dates that I’m available. I never would have expected that.” With her booking success after completing In High Demand, Alaina has brought in $100k+ for her business! In response, she’s able to pay herself and put money back into her business to keep growing. “I’ve gotten a lot better at allowing myself to spend money and keeping better track of how much money I’m actually able to spend, rather than just being too scared to spend anything.” This is really what In High Demand is all about!


In High Demand Client Success Stories: YOU!

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