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In High Demand for Small Business

In High Demand for Small Business


In High Demand is a highly successful sales training program that I created with real business owners in mind. As a wedding photographer, I have lots of experience selling my own services. But my background in sales actually goes farther back.

My previous work was in major-gift fundraising for a hospital. You might be wondering, how does this relate to wedding photography? In this role, I learned how to successfully apply the psychology of selling, all while creating a win-win for the donor and the hospital. That foundation allowed me to be an amazing salesperson in the wedding photography world, working with that same win-win mentality, closing 6 figures in just 6 months.

And guess what? Those same foundational practices can be applied to industries across the board. Unfortunately, many highly qualified service providers charge less than their skills are worth. I noticed people were losing money because they were either too afraid to ask for it or unsure how to price their services. To help others achieve their big goals, I used my expertise to create a comprehensive 8-week coaching program. In High Demand was designed to be different – a truly modern approach to sales training that works with your busy schedule. Backed by 10 years of experience in coaching and sales,  all with a certification in applied positive psychology, this is a first-of-its-kind group coaching program that benefits business owners through effective and efficient tools.


NEW: In High Demand for Small Business

After three wildly successful cohorts, I learned that non-photographers were also looking for help achieving their business goals. Everything that I do as a sales coach is created to help fill a need in the business world. As a result, I’m constantly listening to what people are looking for (or, in this case, what people are literally asking for). My job entails figuring out how to give others what they need, that’s also in alignment with my skills, brand, and values. A new, separate cohort was the perfect solution.

The new small business cohort was developed in response to feedback that others wanted in on my “secret to success,” (which really less of a secret and more of a set of learn-able skills and strategies). By developing a program tailored to small businesses, a space for small business owners to grow and hone their sales skills while also building relationships emerged. Specifically, I knew it was time to expand In High Demand to have a space for non-wedding photographers, too!

As this is a new extension of In High Demand, you probably have questions. Hopefully this blog post can answer some of those for you. In the following sections, I’ll provide an overview of the program by answering a few common q’s. If there’s anything else you want to want to know after reading, then please email/Insta DM me and ask away!


What is In High Demand for Small Business?

In High Demand is a live sales training program for entrepreneurs who want to level up their small business. At the start, I offered this program exclusively to wedding photographers because that’s my personal background. But after receiving lots of interest from other small business owners, I realized the need for this type of education outside such a specific niche. And so, the In High Demand Small Business cohort was born.

The structure of the program is 8 weekly calls, covering 4 distinct modules. Each module intentionally spans 2 weeks to provide time for both learning and implementation.

Throughout the program, we’ll talk about 4 essential topics for financial success.

  1. Money Foundation:  setting yourself up for profit + Quickbooks
  2. CRM Setup:  guidance and support while getting automation tasks off your plate
  3. Sales:  the profitable formula of pricing, making the pitch, and booking dream clients
  4. Expansion + Outsourcing:  bringing peace to your business and personal life


In addition, each participant gets a 90-minute 1:1 call with me where we’ll take a deep dive into your business to ensure you’re set up for success after the class! Also, you’ll receive live support from me through a private Marco Polo community. Plus, all In High Demand participants gain lifetime access to not only all of the information we cover, but also the greater In High Demand alumni community (which provides even more networking opportunities for you!).


What can I expect to get out of In High Demand?

Participants can expect to get the following out of the In High Demand sales training program:

  • Systems in place that give you back hours of time every week
  • A strong understanding of your business money – what’s happening with it and where it’s going
  • Confidence in what you’re selling and how you’re pricing it
  • Plans for growth as your business expands to take on more clients, reach a new market, etc.
  • Frameworks that can be applied forever to know when to increase your prices
  • Support from me! I’ll be cheering you on while helping you move through mental barriers
  • Collaboration from fellow participants as you work together and find success
  • Energy shifts and a new perspective on your business


If you want more proof, check out the testimonials on my website to see what previous clients got out of the program!


How is the small business program different from the photography program?

The two cohorts actually aren’t that different! The sales training for both programs is based on the same strong psychological foundation. All the strategies are directly transferrable to small businesses- I know because I’ve personally seen their success in my fundraising days and my wedding photography business. With both programs, you’ll learn how to increase your sales closing rate while simultaneously increasing the profit you’re able to bring in.

However, there are a couple differences between the two programs. For one, the email templates are customized for each group. Additionally, we troubleshoot problems and discuss client interactions differently because these vary across industries. Overall, I want everyone to be in a program that fits their specific niche. Creating the two separate cohorts keeps the groups focused. A big part of In High Demand is the connections created amongst each group of participants. We’re building a community with these calls. For that reason, I prioritize relevant and relatable conversations for everyone in the group. Dividing up into two programs allows that to happen and ensures all participants get the most out of their time.


When is the right time to sign up for In High Demand?

I typically recommend that you’re at least 6 months into your business when you enroll in the program. But, I’ve had people from all stages of their business journey learn and grow through In High Demand. For example, a previous In High Demand client was already in the industry for 12 years when she signed up! That’s to say, it’s not about a specific timeline but rather where you are and what you’re looking for support around in your journey as a small business owner. This program was designed for anyone who wants to shape-up the business side of their small business. In High Demand is for any small business owner who:

  • Doesn’t feel confident in their business systems
  • Feels like they’re scrambling to keep up with the day to day maintenance their business demands
  • Is unsure of the direction they want to take their business in- What’s next? Feels like a loaded and overwhelming question to answer
  • Works nonstop / never rests and is desperately craving a break


If it feels like you’re missing something, there’s a very high likelihood this sales training program is for you. In High Demand works by bringing in external support (me!) to amplify your small business. By the end of the 8-week program, your business will go from running you into the ground to running like a well-oiled machine.


How can I sign up for In High Demand for Small Business?

To sign up for In High Demand, you’ll first need to head over to my website to fill out an application and schedule your free consultation call. During the consultation call, you can get all your questions about the program answered. I’ll also review your current business status, goals, and they way you learn to make sure we’re in alignment to work together. Essentially, I want to ensure that the In High Demand program is a good fit for you and your business. If you and I both agree that it’s a good fit, then I cannot wait to see you in class starting January 11, 2022!

Note that the application deadline for the next cohort is January 7, 2022. I keep each cohort nice and tight so everyone can get individual attention. Only 7 spots are open. Apply now to secure your spot!

Do you offer alternatives to the In High Demand program?

Absolutely! If we decide on your consultation call that it’s not the right time for you to be in the class, then you can always set up a 1:1 Strategy Call. During this 90 minute deep dive, we will troubleshoot issues and workshop solutions. These one time coaching calls are a great option for those who aren’t quite ready for the full In High Demand program or just need guidance in one specific area of business. With this individual session, you still get the benefit of my sales coaching expertise at a more affordable price point. In other words, these calls are the perfect solution to help you get on track quickly for a more successful business. Book 1x Coaching  here!

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