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For the photographer who’s ready to reach their big, wild, six-figure goals this year

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High demand?

It’s time to dive into the modern, aligned, embodied sales training

From feeling overwhelmed and undervalued to consistently closing sales and leaving “hustle” in the dust

just by using kerry's Aligned sales system.

“I truly loved In High Demand. It got me out of a stuck, constant-hustle mindset and now I feel far more relaxed about knowing that bookings will come as they need to. I also loved the pace, it really allowed me to step into that new growth mindset and gave me time to breathe into this new space. I realized how flawed my sales calls used to be! 

AFTER IHD, raising my prices, and implementing Kerry's Aligned Sales System my wedding income grew 80% between Jun 4 2021 - September 17 2021, earning $52,096. Every couple I talked with using Kerry's Aligned Sales Script has booked! My investment in In High Demand paid for itself more than 16 times over."

- Jem Richards, East Coast Wedding and Elopement Photographer

80% of highly qualified photographers are charging less than they could be...

Pricing is simply a strategy of numbers. Imagine booking three weddings this week at $6,000+. Imagine doubling what you're charging, just by understanding the psychology of selling.

If you're reading this, I know you create gorgeous, legacy-worthy art for your clients, it's all over your website and social media, but you don't know how to sell the value of what you do.

By becoming In High Demand, all those dreamy, life-giving scenarios could easily become your reality in as little as 8-weeks.

You get antsy and feel insecure any time you're about to share your pricing.

Are you confidently conveying your value to potential clients?

Understanding buyers psychology is paramount when it comes to booking clients. You've done the hard part of building a portfolio that harnesses your artistry but is all that work really translating to your clients?

tell me if you check off any of these common pitfalls:

Tell me if any of these check out:

You only slapped prices on your packages because it's what everyone else is charging.  (AKA the quickest way to undervalue your gifts).

You’re overworked, overbooked and still doing everything on your own so wind up overwhelmed.

You don’t have a consistent experience from one client to the other and your emails are taking forever to get through and answer.

I need some relief- Help!

If there were a way to go from where you are now, to:



Easy going conversations until you hit the part about your pricing, then you start to fumble over your words or offer discounts before they even ask for one

Total confidence on your consultation calls and booking 80% or more of your potential clients



Creating your pricing based on what you “feel like you’re worth” or on what the photographer down the street charges

A deep understanding of your pricing that allows you to confidently present your packages AND pay yourself well while also funding your savings for the future



Overwhelmed and overworked. Spread thin, doing all 938264 jobs within your business all by yourself

Hiring a support team that creates space in your business AND personal life so you have more time to play and thrive in your zone of genius



Constantly questioning if you sent that email or timeline questionnaire or engagement session scheduler to your X-million clients you’re managing at one time

Consistent, easy communication that allows you to take care of all of your clients well while keeping you out of your inbox


For the photographer who’s ready to reach their big, wild, six-figure goals this year

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Here’s what things look like when you join In High Demand:

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

8 weekly 90-minute group calls to walk you through the program from learning, to real-time implementation so you never get stuck, behind, or forgotten AND so that you actually finish In High Demand with your entire sales process up-leveled and converting new clients with calm and confidence 
($800/call value)

Your Entire Wedding Workflow DONE

Done-for-you wedding workflow email templates WITH implementation assistance to *finally* set up your workflow in your CRM software so you have a consistent, easeful client experience from inquiry to album delivery
($1,497 value)

Personalized 1:1 coaching

One 90 min 1:1 call to use during the program so we can dive directly into your business and create a unique plan for you to breakdown your current blocks 
 ($997 value)

Sales Call Confidence

My tried and true sales system that closed over 80% of my wedding consultation calls so you never get tripped up or feel uncomfortable talking about your pricing again 
($1,497 value)

community and consistent support

60 days of live coaching support via Private Slack and Marco Polo Channels to tackle the day-to-day of being a thriving business owner, together
($888 value)

now Allie rocks boundaries
 Like a boss

"Before In High Demand I really felt like my business was starting to run ME. I was constantly connected to my email, my phone, and my desk afraid that I would "miss" something. I could not find where my business and life started and ended. I was overwhelmed by all the tasks I had to keep up with and would have full blown panic attacks stressing that I forgot something or someone that needed to reach me. 
Since completing In High Demand, I feel immense relief that my clients are taken care of with minimum impact on my personal life and relationships. I can clock out and spend time with my husband GUILT free knowing that I have organized systems in place to show love to my clients. I can breathe again."

Allie Atkisson, Little Rock and St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Boundaries + Money??! I'm In!

the program recap

In short, In High Demand was designed to be different and unlike any other sales program. We’re told enough to “do more, show up more, be seen more or no one will remember you’re there.” Yet you find yourself craving balance, flexibility to spend time with the people you love, and confidence in understanding your finances.

the live program you've been aching for

In our 8 weeks together we cover 4 in-depth modules, dedicating 2 weeks to each module, which allows us to go at a pace that’s efficient while also working with your busy schedule as a wedding photographer. (We all know that some weeks are heavier photoshoot-wise than others so I built in an extra implementation week for each module so you have the flexibility to really implement In High Demand in any season of your calendar year.)

And, because “hustling” your way to success only or trying to do it all leads to burn out and I know you’re already tired enough. (~*raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by hustle culture*~)

What you can be SURE you’ll gain from In High Demand:

— Consistent support and guidance from Kerry as you implement big mindset shifts in your life and business. 

— Step-by-step tutorials on how to create and implement an entire wedding workflow from Inquiry to album delivery into your Client Relationship Management Software

— A deep understanding of your pricing, how to sell the value of your services, and confidence to know exactly when and how to raise your prices systematically so you’re covered long after our program ends

— A system in place to consistently pay yourself and hit the salary goals of your dreams

What you can be SURE you WON’T get from In High Demand:

— Shame or blame around your current financial management or feelings- we don’t need that energy here. Just empowered, patient, celebratory guidance as you take hold of your money and let it work its magic for you

— No 2 cohorts will be exactly the same since every individual who joins will bring their own vibrant, powerful selves to the table. The unique combination of each cohort is meant to be (something we reiterate about our weddings too!)

Apply! You know you want to ;)

Alaina's success story:

"In High Demand FAST TRACKED  the business side of my business. My advice: sign up for In High Demand in the earlier stages. It's so easy to just focus on posing techniques and building up a portfolio when you're first starting out but it is SO important to know how to manage finances and how to get bookings. Now I know how to confidently pay myself, invest in equipment and education without doubts, and I was able to buy AND furnish the home of my dreams."

- Alaina Elizabeth, NJ & NY Photographer

Fast-Track your business, too

You’re steadily booking weddings but you know you’re undercharging for your work. You based your initial prices on what other photographers in your market were charging and don’t know where to go from here. 

Not sure if In High Demand is right for you?

If 2 or more check out… you can be sure it is.

If 2 or more check out… you can be sure it is.

You’re rocking your consultation calls but, you shrink whenever you talk about your cost. You consistently find yourself lowering your prices to meet a couple’s budget, AND second-guess your packages and sales process (*especially when clients keep ghosting you!*)

Your booking process feels chaotic or outdated and you’re aching for some ease. Maybe you have a Client Relationship Management software but your process still feels clunky and it’s holding you back from scaling.

You dream of being one of those “six-figure photographers” but feel lost on how to get there. You know in your bones that reaching that big financial milestone will unlock something in your life and business, but no matter how much you “hustle,” you just can’t seem to get there on your own.

Imagine what your days could look like if you…

— Only attract and book dream clients you want to work with

Raise your prices to $4,000-$6,000+ per wedding and still book out 1-2 years ahead

— Can easily afford to bring in more support (think an editor, assistant, album designer, etc.) so you fall in love with your job and creativity again

— Spend less time marketing + selling and more time enjoying the amazing life you’ve worked so hard to create

— Graduate into the “6-figure club” and start paying yourself well AND saving for your future

In High Demand 
Was Created From

— 10 years of sales experience

— 10 years of coaching and empowerment expertise

— A thriving wedding photography business, closing 6-figures in 6 months.

— A Certification in Applied Positive Psychology

— And a business owner who learned from all the "hustling" experts and said, “Enough! There has to be a better way.”

And so she found the better way- a balanced, restful, fun, inviting way.
And now she guides other wedding photographers to create and own that same balanced lifestyle while hitting their financial goals at the same time.

if you want the play-by-play of how i booked 6-figures in 6 months, keep reading

Module 1: setting yourself up for wealth

Deep dive into your money stories & worthiness beliefs, your personalized pricing and Cost of Doing Business. We’ll reframe what “no”s really mean for you and get into the nitty gritty of how to systemize every dollar that comes into your account for profit.

Module 2: How to Automate everything

My entire workflow process from attracting leads to closing a sale and getting a signed contract with retainer overnight. Implementing this process will save you over 10 hours/week and still get the same amount of work done.

Module 3: the art of making money

In-depth sales call walk through, what to include in every single sales call with my sales system based on science-backed sales psychology, buyer types you’ll always encounter, and these simple tricks to boost your confidence in seconds.

Module 4: expansion made easy

How to outsource, where to start, and where to turn when you need to find a trusted pro for your business or personal life.

Valued at over $6,389

Inside In High Demand we’ll cover:

Yours for $3,600


payment plan

Pay over 3, 6, or 9 months For $3,600

This is for me!


Pay in full 

 for $3,600
(that's correct, same Value = Same price)

Full Throttle Baby

i scaled to 6-figures in 6 months

Find out how

and my students are consistently doing the same

In every other program I felt like I had to prove my Worth

to the people who were supposed to be educators…

But with Kerry, it was an empowering and confidence building experience.

I felt like she already knew I was fully capable of achieving my goals, she was just giving me tools I could pick up if I wanted to that would actually bring the things I was looking for instead of making me feel inadequate or incapable for one reason or another. 

In High Demand isn’t a big scary to do list, instead it’s a set of empowering tools I can implement, hold, and feel ownership of now.

-Annie Minicucci, PA Wedding and Boudoir Photographer

In every other program I felt like I had to prove my Worth

— Lifetime access to alumni Facebook lounge so you have ongoing support including community with every group of anti-hustlers, money-makers, Facebook Live coaching sessions with me on subjects you’re stumped by, and free trainings from expert guest educators you’d otherwise have to pay for

— Lifetime access to “Listen to this when” audio recordings for times when you need a boost of encouragement. Think of it as your own on-demand coaching (an audio library I’m constantly expanding!)

Limited time bonus: 30 min distance reiki session with me to help you move through any energy blocks or stuck emotions. I’ve been reiki certified for 10 years and it’s the secret weapon I use to consistently move remove blocks and continue to grow my business, personal life, and finances.

You're ready-
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“Ok, Kerr, I’m loving the sound of all this, tell me more”- You say to yourself

If you join now, you’ll also get these BONUSES:


Every one of my clients had these questions before joining, too:


“I know leveling up my sales and business is going to be key for hitting my goals this year. We’ll cover sales in-depth, right?"

Yeap!! In High Demand is designed to dive deep into your unique pricing, sales conversations, and relationship with money, to ensure you’ll create pricing based on data instead of emotion, understand the points necessary to include to close more sales calls, and remove any money blocks keeping you from hitting your monetary goals. 


"I'm afraid I'm too new in business for In High demand. when's the best time to sign up?"

We've had In High Demand students that started their business 3 months ago and students who have been in business for 5+ years. The beauty of In High Demand is every member of the cohort compliments one another and brings their own unique perspective to the group. We focus on the business side of your business, so if you're ready to get that side in order with my gentle and reassured guidance, then NOW is the best time to sign up.


"i'm so down! Is there a payment plan option?

You know it!! The investment level is where it is because energetically, I want you to feel what your wedding clients feel when they invest with you. Every single one of my clients have made their investment back within our 8 weeks of working together, and then some

So yes! There's a 3 or 6 month payment plan option to make In High Demand as accessible as possible!


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