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In High Alignment Ep. 4 – Listen To When… You’re Questioning Your Value

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Hello, my radiant friend. Welcome to the very first “Listen To This When” episode, the bite-sized, ten minute or less episodes to listen to when you need a boost, some encouragement, or an inhale of extra motivation to take that next step in your day. 

Today’s episode is a big one that everyone I know, myself included, has grappled with at one time or another. We’re talking about value as a creative entrepreneur, which is separate from price and what you charge for your services, but can absolutely feel inherently intertwined with money. 

We’re going to walk through an exercise that uncovers some of the very old stories that are likely the same few memories and stories that come up consistently when your “worth” and value is questioned, even questioned by you. 

As a disclaimer, this exercise is going to guide you to access some memories that can bring up a lot of feelings and definitely steps into a vulnerable space. 

So before getting into this episode, please make sure that you’re supported and have space to process what might come up, either with someone from your life, with a therapist, or in your own journaling practice before we begin. 

Also, please create a comforting, loving, grounding atmosphere for yourself to be in while you listen. It’s also going to be a really good idea to either do some shaking or go for a walk or move your body in some way after we go through this, because it’s just your easiest and best way to move emotion through your body is literally moving. Whether that is on your own, on a walk, in some kind of exercise run, whatever is right for you. Jumping on a little trampoline, shaking somehow, dancing to your favorite song. I definitely, definitely suggest doing some kind of movement after this too.

Also know that you are in total control of whether you decide to listen if you’d like to pause or stop at any time, or if moving through this exercise in reflection is right and supportive for you.

I trust you. You know what’s best and right for you. And I’m going to give us a pause here so you have time to make an active decision about whether you’d like to listen in or not. Either way, like I said, I support and celebrate you and your choice. Great. Big hugs and love to you, my love.

Okay, if you’re still here, hello again. Let’s lock into this guided reflection. 

Think about the last time you questioned your value. 

What happened? 

How did it come up? 

Why did it come up? 

Can you remember the conversation? 

Was there an actual conversation or was it a fictitious conversation in your head? 

And I’m raising my hand on this one because I know I’ve had full on conversations with people plenty of times in my head that never actually happened. 

Now, is there a specific voice that comes through when you think about your value, the voice that’s on the other side of this conversation? Do you know whose voice it is?

Say their name. Say their name aloud.

If it’s hard for you to identify this everchanging subjective definition of what value is so you’re not sure of when you’ve had a conversation about your value, I’m going to slightly change the question now.

Where or when in your life have you been told that you aren’t doing enough? Being enough, showing up enough, providing enough for someone to be happy with what you’re giving them. Now, what are the thoughts that go through your head? Does this new question make a specific person come to mind? Maybe a few people with the person or people who came to mind, is there a specific memory with them or a story that came forward about your value to them? 

Pause this episode and speak that memory aloud, or story aloud as if you’re telling me what came up for you.

I’m listening, and I’ll be here for you after you’ve told me all about it. 

Now, has that person whose voice is holding the biggest seat at your value table ever been a client of yours? Or someone you’ve loved working with, or a dream client of working with again? I’m willing to bet that the answer to any or all of those questions is “no”. 

This voice, this voice that holds such a big space in your mind as you reflect on your value and the stories you’ve heard and have cut into your energetic being. This voice that is not a dream client of yours or maybe has never even been a client of yours. This voice that’s controlling so much of the narrative of your value and what you create and provide for the people who are dream clients. 

This voice, this asshole of a voice is wrong.

It’s wrong and it’s a liar, and it does not and cannot see all that you are and do and create for the clients that are over the moon in love with your work and what you create for them, specifically. 

This voice has no idea the amount of people that absolutely adore you and your way of being and the way you make them feel just by being you, just by being you, exactly as you are. 

This voice does not and cannot and will never see you. 

It will never see you, because all on your own, exactly as you are, exactly as you move in this world, as you are right now, you hold more value than all the stars in the sky, even the stars that we can’t see, because we live in light, polluted cities or towns, maybe I’m just speaking for myself. But your clients see you. Your clients who hire you, who admire you, who cherish the art, the work, the legacy impacting service that you provide, they see you. I mean, come on. They hired you on their own, in their own, fully informed, excited to work with you, free to choose anyone in the world, and they chose you, space. 

They see you and I see you.

I know if you’re listening to this and you tuned into this episode because you’re questioning your value, it’s very likely it has nothing to do with the value that you provide in your work. 

I’m sure. I am sure that your work is exceptional. And while we always, always have room to grow and expand, your core foundational work that you provide right now is already exceptional. And before you run to change your brand colors or your website or your service collections again, can you please take a week or two and just lovingly speak to yourself about your value first!

Give yourself a week or two. And every day, say three things that you love about yourself out loud. Every day, say aloud, that you, all on your own, exactly as you are, exactly as you move in this world, you hold more value than all the stars in the sky. 

You can adjust anything you want after that. 

But my gorgeous, brilliant friend, I’m willing to bet that you are already providing so much value. And you just need to know that for yourself too. It’ll feel better knowing your inherent human level already inside of you from the moment you were created value for yourself too. 

It can take time, and consistently talking back to that voice, that’s absolutely wrong in an asshole from that voice that is not yours for it to sink in. But the value you hold is more than we could ever comprehend, right now, right now, already in this moment, in all your imperfections and your flaws as well as your beauty and brightness. 

And I will be here to remind you of that again and again whenever you want to relisten to this episode. But hearing it from your own voice is more aligned for your soul, more attuned to your own voice than hearing from another person ever could be. 

You’re doing big things, my love. 

And that takes courage to do what you’re doing and take up the amount of space in the world to take up any amount of space in this world, and you’re doing it. 

I’m so proud of you. 

I’m so proud of you. 

Keep being you. 

Keep doing all that you’re doing.

Know that everything you’re doing is already enough and your value is so, so wildly expansive and more than we could ever know. I love you. 

Until next time, keep stepping more and more into your very own highest alignment. You got this.

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