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Maggie and Tim’s Honeymoon Adventure in Hawaii

Maggie and Tim met in middle school in a town just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. They dated in 8th grade before Maggie’s parents packed up the truck and moved their family to Florida. Maggie and Tim were heartbroken, but held on to the fact that they could still be friends. Maggie’s grandmother lived in Minnnesota, so Maggie was sure to be back to visit.

And while they both went on to have other crushes and dates, every time Maggie was back in Minnesota to visit her grandmother, she and Tim got together.

Maggie recalled, “I would come home from a date with someone in Florida and talk with my mom about how it went. At the end of the conversation she would say, “Well, he sounds nice, but he’s no Tim Puch.” To which Maggie was sure to remind her mom that she would probably still be with Tim if they hadn’t moved to FLORIDA! #TeenAngst ya know?

Tim enlisted with the Marine Corps as soon as he graduated from high school and Maggie went on to college. While home in Minnesota for the holidays, they did as they were always sure to do, and got together. They went on a coffee date, which turned into a dinner date, which turned into looking at the stars and talking all night long. You could say they were hooked from then on out. Or that they finally gave in to the fact that they’ve been hooked all along.

Tim served in Afghanistan while Maggie was studying abroad in Europe. During one of their phone conversations, Tim asked Maggie what was wrong. She asked how he knew something was wrong when she hadn’t given him any indication something was awry.

“What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t know when you were upset?” He asked.

Which tooootally lifted Maggie’s heart as she said, “BOYFRIEND?!?!?” Then laugh cried then told him everything going on and he soothed her worried heart from thousands of miles away. *insert allllll the heart eye emojis!!!!*

They both returned home (you better believe there’s some incredible homecoming photos from when Tim got back from serving our country) and at the lake house where Tim’s family vacations every summer, he popped the question. There was champagne and tears and the most beautiful sunset as they decided to make their love “official.”

Tim and Maggie were married almost a year later in their home church in Minnesota and finally in the same place, together, for good, began their lives together. Seven years and two beautiful baby girls later, they took their belated honeymoon to Hawaii. And they’re still taking time to look at the stars and to dance together and to have “Beach Fridays,” a new tradition since they moved to the Florida coast this past summer. Don’t worry though, neither of the girls are dating yet (um, hi, their oldest is six), so mom and dad weren’t taking them away from their one true love.

Maggie and Tim, thank you both for being up for an adventure, for being the coolest friends, and for welcoming me into your relationship as a third wheel. I can’t wait to visit you guys in Florida!



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