3  strategies to close more sales

When most people think of “selling,” the first thing to flash through someone’s mind is a pushy middle-aged man or the “hey boss babe!” DM from someone you went to high school with. This vision, coupled with a slimy feeling, is a total turn-off to sales. Yet you know sales are necessary to grow your business, and you definitely want to grow your business!

What if sales didn’t have to feel slimy? What if every sales consultation was a celebration, both for you and for your new client? What if you could count on 80% (or more!) of your consultations to book with you? What if you could get on and off of every consultation call feeling excited and confident your “prospective client” will become a full-blown client? 

As every one of my students can attest, all of these dreams are within arms reach. Sales and growing your business never has to feel sale-sy anymore. 

Here’s what's covered in the 60-minute Sales Masterclass:

✅ Understand the true objective of a consultation call, so you can communicate your value more effectively with potential clients
✅ How to structure your pricing clearly and strategically so more people hire you
✅ The top 3 points to speak to in order to close more sales and bring in more $$
✅ How to prepare for a consultation call and embrace all the high vibes 
✅ What to do when someone “goes in another direction” so you don’t spiral into self-doubt

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Kerry Walsh

Your sales strategist helping you close more sales while caring for your clients.

Hey, I’m Kerry and I’ve closed over $1.4 Million in sales. After learning the ropes of sales in the corporate world, I gathered all the knowledge I needed to start my wedding photography business, left the high-pressure sales tactics behind, and brought 6-figures into my business in 6 months. After having conversation after conversation with other business owners, I realized sales, especially value-driven sales, isn’t a background everyone holds, yet it’s a key in running a profitable business. So, I began sharing everything I know in a concise, easy to digest way, and my students saw MAJOR results (just check out what people are saying below).

During this free masterclass we’ll cover my tried and true TOP 3 STRATEGIES to close more sales in 2022. Ethically. Sustainably. In a way that won’t lead to burn out. If you’re tired of hustle culture telling you “if you only worked harder you could be ________” this Masterclass is for you.

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"I've generated over $50k in 3-months just by using the Kerry call script!"

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- Jem Richards, East Coast Wedding and Elopement Photographer

3 Strategies To Close More Sales

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Sales never has to feel sale-sy anymore. 


For the photographer who’s ready to reach their big, wild, six-figure goals this year