From burnout and overworked to Healthy Boundaries so you can breathe

Raise your hand if you:
- People please in the name of “serving your clients well.”
- Feel stressed at the thought of opening your inbox/DMs/texts
- Find your mind racing from the time you wake up to the time you hit the pillow at night
- Take on any and every job that will pay you

What if you could feel focused, refreshed, and calm as you begin and end your days? What if you could feel secure, knowing your clients were taken care of, even as you take evenings and weekends away from your business? What if your “down time” could actually be restful and refreshing, not riddled with guilt and anxiety?

I’m not going to say all of this can be solved in a 60-minute masterclass. 
That would be lying. Remember that anyone trying to sell you a “simple fix” for life-long conditioning (like people-pleasing), is lying.

I will tell you where to start, though, and how you can begin to build boundaries for your business. I’ll also share tangible tools to help calm your anxious nervous system as you allow your boundaries to take hold in your business. 

In our 60-minute Boundaries to Breath Masterclass, we’ll cover: 

✅ The #1 tool I use for communication boundaries in my business 
✅ Setting office hours for sustainability
✅ The time tracking tool I use to understand where my time is going
✅ My top 5 ways I support my nervous system while implementing boundaries

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Kerry Walsh

Your sales strategist helping you close more sales while caring for your clients.

Hey, I’m Kerry and I’ve closed over $1.4 Million in sales. After learning the ropes of sales in the corporate world, I gathered all the knowledge I needed to start my wedding photography business, left the high-pressure sales tactics behind, and brought 6-figures into my business in 6 months. After having conversation after conversation with other business owners, I realized sales, especially value-driven sales, isn’t a background everyone holds, yet it’s a key in running a profitable business. So, I began sharing everything I know in a concise, easy to digest way, and my students saw MAJOR results (just check out what people are saying below).

During this free masterclass, we’ll dig into the big, nuanced topic of boundaries and give you simple, tangible, immediately actionable tools to begin setting boundaries that feel good for your business and your life. Because you didn’t quit your 9-5 to work 24/7, no matter what hustle culture tells you.

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"I've generated over $50k in 3-months just by using the Kerry Sales System!"

what they're saying

- Jem Richards, East Coast Wedding and Elopement Photographer

From burnout & overworked

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